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Oficjalna strona Wojciecha B. Sobieszaka Prezesa CPP Toruń Pacific Oficjalna strona Wojciecha B. Sobieszaka Prezesa CPP Toruń Pacific Oficjalna strona Wojciecha B. Sobieszaka Prezesa CPP Toruń Pacific

About me

I was raised in a family that cherished traditions of Greater Poland region, therefore I value people who are hard-working, reliable and methodical. In my everyday life I make every effort to be such a person myself. Fate decided that I settled in Toruń together with my wife Grażyna – whom I met during studies at the Nicolaus Copernicus University. Toruń is a place where our two children were born, and also a place where the events of our professional lives have been taking place. For many years my wife was working as a methodology specialist at Methodology and Teacher Development Centre in Toruń as well as a Biology and Chemistry teacher in School no 8 in Toruń. My path, however, led me to become a part of the food manufacturing business. For several years now we have been living in Łysomice district near Toruń. This is the place we call home and where we are visited by our children with and four of our wonderful grandchildren.  

I am now the Chairman of Supervisory Board of Cereal Partners Toruń-Pacific, which before my very eyes and with my participation has transformed from a local starch factory into a thriving company that manufactures breakfast cereal flakes recognized all over the world. My work is my passion, but I also find the time for a variety of social activities and charity work, among others: Volunteer Fire Department and Rotary Club Toruń.

My free time is fully devoted to my family. We enjoy reading good books, strolling around the forest as well as sailing in the summer time.

Professional Life:

Working in the field of food business was somehow written down in my genes. My father and both maternal and paternal grandparents, were also connected with the food business. Although just after graduating from University I intended to devote myself to scientific work, in 1976 I eventually started work at the Potato Industry Enterprise. First in the plant in Trzemeszno, then in Bronisław and, finally, in 1977 in Torun, where at that time the local starch factory was implementing a new technological line for breakfast cereal flakes manufacturing. I began my career at the position of a specialist in the investment department.  Then I was moved to the production department and took over charge of this department, then in 1987 I was appointed director of the Potato Industry Enterprise in Toruń. Nota bene the youngest person managing a company at that time in Poland!

I also participated in the privatization process of the company. In 1990 Potato Industry Enterprise was turned into Toruń-Pacific – which today is the biggest manufacturer of breakfast cereal flakes in this part of Europe. Since 1994 the company has belonged to Nestlé S.A. and General Mills group, which also established Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW). The aim of establishing CPW is expanding world market of breakfast cereal products. I was in charge of Toruń-Pacific company, which after 1994 was given the name Cereal Partners Poland Toruń-Pacific, since the moment it was established. With time I had to learn as well as experience many things. Looking back at all the events from the perspective of the present day, I think that nothing more interesting could have happened to me as a manager. Since 2004 I was also in charge of the Markets of Central Europe. Since 1st of January 2020 I've been the Chairman of Supervisory Board.

Cereal Partners Poland Toruń-Pacific is the manufacturer of NESTLÉ breakfast cereal flakes.

The business was established in 1990 as a result of privatization of the Potato Industry Enterprise in Toruń which history dates back to the 19th century. The history of production of breakfast cereal flakes in Toruń began in 1977 when for the first time the instant corn flakes were manufactured.   

Since 1994 Toruń-Pacific has been the property of Cereal Partners Worldwide group, a joint venture established by Nestlé S.A. (the world biggest food and beverage company) and General Mills Inc. (American manufacturer of consumer foods, including breakfast cereal). Both Nestlé and General Mills Inc.  have 50% of shares in Cereal Partners Poland Toruń-Pacific.

Breakfast cereal flakes from Toruń factory of Cereal Partners Poland Toruń-Pacific are supplied to many countries where CPW and Nestlé operate, including countries of Central Europe (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania as well as Baltic countries), the Balkans and Turkey.  CPP Toruń-Pacific exports its goods also to Russia, Israel, countries of the Persian Gulf and Western Europe. Altogether including so-called low tonnage markets, CPP Toruń-Pacific exports its products to 60 countries being one of the biggest food exporters in Poland.  

At present Cereal Partners Poland Toruń-Pacific employs about 900 employees of which 100% are Polish qualified specialists. The company closed the year 2018 with a figure of net sales amounting to 793 million PLN. It is one of the biggest companies of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Region, placed on ranking lists of the biggest Polish enterprises. In September 2003 a second factory was opened located in Lubicz near Toruń. The plant manufactures so called “Flakes and Milk” meaning breakfast cereal in the form of a cereal bar as well as Muesli meaning a mix of breakfast cereal with some other ingredients including dried fruit, seeds and nuts.  Since October 2004 Toruń has been the main office of Cereal Partners Central Europe, which means that the Board of Directors in Toruń is responsible for direct supervision over the markets of: the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary.

CPP Toruń-Pacific is also a patron and sponsor of numerous cultural as well as sport undertakings and events. Since 1994 the Company has been the main long-standing sponsor of Toruń Cycling Club PACIFIC, whose cyclist Michał Kwiatkowski became the world champion of elite men’s road race.  

My social ventures:

Alteri vivas oportet, si vis tibi vivere.

One must live for another if he is to live for himself.

The words of wisdom by Seneca have constantly been the source of inspiration for my social activity and charity work. Since 1998 I have been actively participating in the employers’ organization - Business Centre Club, serving the idea of promoting ethical behaviours in business for our own good as well as integrity and transparency of economic life. As a Rotarian since the beginning of the 90s I have also been promoting the idea of service above our own interests („Service Above Self”) – an idea which is in great demand in Poland these days. I also cherish family firefighting traditions – I am a volunteer fireman in the Volunteer Fire Department in Lubicz, the town where one of our factories is located.  


Wojciech B. Sobieszak held the position of Chancellor of Toruń Lodge of the Business Centre Club between 1998 and 2006, and the Chairman of Council Torun Lodge BCC (2006-2018). His extensive activity he has encouraged 34 significant business entities operating in the vicinity of Toruń to establish cooperation within BCC. BCC Toruń Lodge is one of the most active BCC lodges. Within the Lodge’s activities numerous meetings with the members of government, parliament and other officials were organized and the meetings aim at the exchange of information and promoting entrepreneurial ideas. 

Business Centre Club has been in operation since 1991 and it was established in order to support the activities of ambitious Polish individuals. It is an exclusive Club of entrepreneurs  and the biggest in our country organization of private employers. More information can be found at www.bcc.org.pl

Rotary Club Toruń

Wojciech B. Sobieszak, has been a member of Rotary Club Toruń since 1992. In addition, he held the position of President in term 1995-96 and 2004-2005.

Rotary is a service and charity organization whose stated purpose is professional development and encouraging high ethical standards in all vocations as well as facilitating establishing friendship as well as other social contacts. Rotary Club was formed by  Paul Harris [1868-1947, USA], who together with his three business acquaintances organized the first Rotarian meeting in February 1905. The name Rotary was chosen because initially the meetings rotated  from offices of respective club members. Currently Rotary International has more than 1.2 million members in over 32 thousand clubs in 163 countries.

In the times of Communism in Poland, Rotary being an independent international organization could not operate. After 1989 first Rotarian clubs were established in Warsaw, Lublin as well as the one in Toruń. The founder of  the Rotarian Club in Toruń was Leonard Zawacki [1916-2001] an American of Polish origin born in Grudziądz, who convinced his mother-club of Medford-Rogue [Medford, Oregon USA] to provide assistance in establishing the club in Toruń. Later, a few Swedish clubs from Helsingborg also joined in developing the Club in Toruń. In December 1989 another American Rotarian of Polish origin, Frank Surma arrived in Toruń launching the weekly Rotarian meetings. The ceremonial inauguration of the Rotary Club Toruń took place in May 1991.

A few dozen of years of the Club’s activity are reflected in its numerous achievements. About 60 young people from Toruń have had the chance to spend one-year apprenticeship in the USA or Canada and the same number of young Americans had the Chance to get to know Toruń and Poland. The children’s hospital in Toruń has obtained about 100,000 US dollars’ worth medical equipment. The Club’s contribution also included incubators for premature infants as well as an ambulance.  In total, the donations have exceeded the amount of 200,000 US dollars and it was possible to provide all that aid with the assistance of foreign Rotary Clubs and the Rotary Foundations.  For a few years now the Club has been endowing the  talented but impecunious middle-secondary school pupils with scholarship. The aforementioned activities are only a few examples of the numerous accomplishments achieved by the Rotary Club which undoubtedly is an important institution for Toruń.

The Club’s meetings are held on a weekly basis, always on Mondays at 6:00 pm at the inn called Zajazd Staropolski in Toruń, 10/14 Żeglarska Street.

Other social activities include:

  • As the President of the board of directors in Cereal Partners Poland Toruń-Pacific launched the company’s cooperation with organizations of various types including sport, culture and education from Toruń and Kuyavian-Pomeranian Region. In acknowledgement of his services and devotion he was awarded with Thorunium medal, on the 7th February  2015,
  • Has occupied the position of the President of the Association of Friends of Secondary School no 10 and Middle School no 11 (since March 3rd 2003) and manager to collect 140,000 PLN devoted to developing the information technology systems at the schools and teacher training as well as launching International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme,
  • Honorary President of Toruń Cycling Club PACIFIC owing to the cooperation and support from the company managed by W. Sobieszak and the Cycling Club in Torun.
  • As a member of Counties Commissions of Social Dialog of Kuyavian-Pomeranian Governor since May 2002 till March 2018, has been representing employees’ environment (BCC),
  • A member of board of the Regional Volunteer Fire Department in Toruń (since 2011), a volunteer fireman in Volunteer Fire Department in Lubicz (since 2006),
  • A member of Kuyavian-Pomeranian Entrepreneurship Council by Kuyavian-Pomeranian Marshall  – since November  2003, representing employees’ environment,
  • A member of Marshal Awarding Body  of Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodship established by Kuyavian Pomeranian Marshal in June 2007.  


Sailing, Gardening, Hunting, Golf, Motorcycles