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Oficjalna strona Wojciecha B. Sobieszaka Prezesa CPP Toruń Pacific Oficjalna strona Wojciecha B. Sobieszaka Prezesa CPP Toruń Pacific Oficjalna strona Wojciecha B. Sobieszaka Prezesa CPP Toruń Pacific

The "Capercaillie" Hunters' Association was formed in 1965 at the then Regional Board of State Forests in Toruń, where it has been having its seat up to the present day. The Association was established by foresters and at that time its first president was Eng. Edward Sasin. At the beginning, the "Capercaillie" was leasing a distant hunting area behind Chojnice near the Forest District Office of Chociński Młyn. In May 1972, the Association started leasing the present hunting area of about 6'000 ha, situated in the Forest District of Szubin, about 70 km from Toruń. The hunting ground is situated in the Pałuki Region, on areas of the Great Poland Lake District, near the boundary of Kujawy. Its terrain is situated between two game breeding centres: in the forest complex of Szubin Forest District and the locality of Lubostroń. As a result of such a localisation, the game - especially big game such as stags and wild boars - while moving during the organised hunting, often visit our hunting ground. The biggest wild boar shot on this hunting ground weighed 156 kg. Roe deer (Capreolus capraea), whose population is estimated at about 200, belongs to the basic game species. There are in large numbers wild ducks and geese, nesting mainly in the belt of swamps at Redczyce as well as on numerous bends of the Noteć River.

The Association runs the breeding of pheasant, maintaining its population at a good level. It is possible owing to the organised feeding, as well as special fox-hunting aimed at the reduction of their population. Hares and partridges are in rather limited numbers. There are not many so scenically diverse and beautiful hunting grounds like the ours is. There can be found large volumes of water in the forms of lakes, swamps, rivers, streams, and ponds, as well as diversified stands of different kind of trees, numerous forested postglacial hills, and extensive meadows - which are excellent places of living for sometimes even rare species of fauna. A crane can often be met, and on the branches of Noteć River we have beaver lodges, and there also appear otters, badgers, martens, weasels, as well as numerous grass snakes and lizards.
At present, the composition of the "Capercaillie" Association has changed, and beside foresters, its members include some doctors, an architect, business managers, local farmers, a graphic artist, and - as an honorary member - the priest of local parish church. A "plum" among the members is the daughter of incumbent president.
The Association cares for the tradition both at hunting, and also for the purpose of keeping in memory its achievements. On the 35th anniversary occasion, we published a book describing the Association's history, the hunting ground, as well as colleagues including also those who have passed to the Country of Eternal Hunting. On the 40th anniversary occasion, in the forest of Załachowo, there was put up a stone-monument to be a place of memory and celebration of solemn moments related to the life of the "Capercaillie" Hunters' Association such as e.g. dubbing somebody a hunter, or a ceremonial beginning of the St Hubert's hunting.
I have been affiliated with the "Capercaillie" Hunters' Association since the year 1992, although formally the ceremony of dubbing me
a hunter took place in the year 1996.